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About Cookies . . .

You have been directed to this page because your browser is not accepting cookies and the ordering process at Nara Sushi necessitates their use. If you have not disabled this ability in your browser and are unsure why cookies are not being stored, please contact either your isp or the author of your browser program with your concerns. If you have purposely disabled cookies, we have provided some information below to explain their use on our site.

No doubt, alot has been said about the positive and negative aspects of cookies. Cookies are small bits of information that a web server stores about you or your browser "session". The information can be stored on your hard drive or in your browser's memory. If you visit a web site that uses cookies, the amount and type of information as well as how it is stored is determined by the authors of the web pages on the site you are visiting. This of course means that the information that is obtained and stored can be used for good or not so good depending upon the authors. At Nara Sushi, the only information that is stored are variables that allow us to track your customer ordering information. For example, this particular site assigns an id cookie (a random generated number) which looks something like this:


Session information within the Nara Sushi site such as this id, is all that we store in a cookie and it is only meant to help in your ordering process. Sensitive information such as your credit card number is never stored in a cookie from this site.

If you wish to continue your order, please make sure that your browser supports cookies and that cookies are enabled. If you have any further questions regarding privacy and security while visiting Nara Sushi, please contact info@getfoodtoday.com with any questions or concerns.

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